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  • Kills all kinds of pathogens: Coronaoven UV-Sanitizertech kills 99.999% microbes in only 4 MIN by wrecking nucleic acids and disturbing their DNA/RNA
  • How UV Sterilizer box Works: Generates UVc beams in germicidal frequency of 254.7 nm which is best in disinfection measure
  • One Tap for Sanitization/Sterilization: The pre-set clock guarantees the specific term of 4 minutes presentation with the goal that the light source produces sufficient UV germicidal illumination to kill the microbes and all kinds of pathogens on the surface
  • 100% Secure & Reliable UV machine: The Robust machine surface coated metal body mat finish which has safety switch sanitizer. It has been tested by ICMR lab CSIO on its performance.
  • Origin Country : Machine is a Made in India