Tubular Heater U Type 8mm Diameter

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Diameter 8mm

Wattage 750 to 2500watts


U Type Finned tubular electric duct heaters

Tubular finned heater element is constructed like basic tubular elements with the addition of continuous spiral fins, 4-5 per inch permanently furnace brazed to the sheath. Fins greatly increase surface area and permit faster heat transfer to air, resulting in lower surface element temperatures.

Product Name:U Type Tubular finned heater element

Material:stainless steel 304/321/316/310S,Incoloy 800 840

Power Tolerance:+5%   -10%

Tube Diameter:8MM 10MM 12MM 14MM 16MM 18MM 20MM. etc

Shape:Round, straight, U type, W type , double W type and so on

Voltage:48V 110V 120v 380V 230V 220V 240V

Thread:M12 M14  M16 M18

Application:Drying,Heat Treating,Annealing,Load Banks,Curing


List various sheath materials, maximum allowable temperatures and mediums within which they are recommended to operate.

Sheath Material

Maximum Sheath Temperature



350 °F (170 °C)

Immersion into water ,non corrosive low viscosity liquids


750 °F (400 °C)

Oil, wax, asphalt, cast in aluminum or iron

Stainless Steel 304-316

1200 °F (600 °C)

Corrosive liquids, food industry, sterilizers


1500 °F (815 °C)

Air, corrosive liquids, clamped to surfaces