Vacuum Furnace


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To achieve a high density and to remove gases and contaminants with preliminary sintering and removal of the binder, the vacuum sintering furnace with dewaxing of casting metal under pressure can be performed in a gas atmosphere where muffle gas output will remove binders or other outgassing products, preventing them contact with the heating element and the area at the same time improving temperature uniformity. The actual sintering process may be performed under high vacuum or in a gas to remove any contaminants from the article. This design ensures that the parts are disengaged completely through the gas flow during the output cycle of the binder and sintered to full density.'



  • Solid Metals & Materials (borides, carbides, nitrides, silicides).
  • Refractory metals.
  • High-speed tool steels.
  • Permanent magnets, tantalum capacitors.
  • Speed steel and stainless steel.
  • Materially ceramic such as SiC, SiN, BC, Al2O3.


  • Treatment of any metal with any binder.
  • Treatment in nitrogen, hydrogen, argon or air.
  • Treatment from atmospheric pressure to partial pressure and high vacuum.
  • Programmable control of any parameter in any segment, while output of the binder or sintering.
  • Less process gas, electricity, less processing time and footprint is used.