Wire Annealing Furnace


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This pit pot type wire vacuum bright annealing heat treament furnace is cycle furnace, main be used for various kinds of standard parts, wire annealing heat treatment, especially for various steel wire, copper wire, aluminum wire, carbon steel, alloy steel parts and magnetic materials in protective atmosphere and other workpiece bright annealing heat treatment.


Technical Parameter

Content Unit Data
Heating power KW 1000
Heating area   3 zones
Working temperature ºC 680-750
Working size mm φ1050*1800


1).Rational structure, uniform furnace temperature, small upper & lower temperature difference in working zone, especially applicable for heating and heat treatment for long axial workpiece.

2).Adopt energy-saving furnace lining, fast temperature rise, low empty furnace consumption, save more than 20% of energy compare with old product.

3).The control system can be equipped with normal control instrument or instrument with micro-processor program control according to actual need.

4).When needed during process, protective atmosphere can be fed into the furnace to realize little-oxidizing heating.

5).Each product is installed with safety interlock and over-temperature device to provide reliable and safe operation and use.