Components of Hot Runner heaters

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The heating element is an important part of the Hot runner system, and its heating precision and service life have great influence on the control of injection molding process and the working stability of the system, and the steel pipe hardens after the electric tube is shrunk, so that better deformation should be carried out. Electrothermal pipe must go through high temperature heat treatment to eliminate the mechanical tension of steel, in order to be easier to bend the electric heat pipe, processing molding after the heating strip can manually bend into the channel groove, the shape has a variety of: heating rods, heating rings, tubular heaters, hot runner heating tubes, spiral heaters (heating strips), 6*6, 8* 8 square Heating pipe specifications and so on. Widely used in shunt plate heating, hot runner heating and so on.

Company product specifications, size can be customized. The heating rods are made of special production processes and high quality materials and are durable, ensuring efficient operation in tight spaces, even when the heating coat temperature is up to 700 degrees Celsius. Manufactured in accordance with metric and international standards, all models are based on VDE0721 quality inspection requirements to meet the needs of most machines, factories, etc., for the use of heating elements