Description of Ceramic Infrared heater

Hemant K द्वारा को पोस्ट किया गया

Ceramic infrared heaters are made up of resistive thermal conductors that are fully embedded in appropriate ceramic materials. Because it is fully embedded in ceramics, the energy generated by a thermal conductor can be passed on to the material around it, which not only prevents the thermal conductor from overheating, but also extends its service life. The material used to embed the thermal conductor must be insulated and have good absorbability and radioactivity within the set range of infrared radiation.

To meet this requirement, ceramic materials infrared heaters can be made into different geometries. Ceramic infrared heater is the main body of ceramics, using a part of the surface as a radiation surface and integrated heating coil.

For ceramic infrared heaters, a thermocouple can also be fixed to the adjacent position of the thermal conductor. Ceramic infrared heaters were invented by Elstein-werk. The basic model of conical ceramic Infrared heater was patented on March 24, 1949. At the same time, the ceramic infrared plate heater has been successfully developed, and a large area of infrared heating surface has been realized. On the March 8, 1950, Elstein-werk obtained a patent for ceramic infrared plate-shaped heaters. Ceramic infrared heaters are widely known as "El Launchers" and are now used as generic names for ceramic infrared heaters.