Performance parameters of ceramic infrared heater

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Note: In the absence of instructions, the premise of the comparison is that the two heaters have the same size and the same power.

How to judge the advantages and disadvantages of ceramic infrared heater from the surface, the following methods can let us make a preliminary judgment.

1. Average surface power density 

The higher the surface average power density can be, the better the performance of the heater.

2. Limit temperature 

The higher the limit use temperature, it shows that its temperature resistance is better, so at the same temperature its service life is longer the better, indicating that the higher the limit temperature, the better the heater performance.

3. Weight 

Ceramic heaters of the same type generally, the lighter the quality, the higher the heating efficiency.

4. L Cooling performance 

The faster the lifting temperature, the better the heater performance.

5. Service life 

Service life is an important index of heater performance parameters, the longer the service life, the more superior its performance. 

6.Energy-saving effect

Obviously, the better the energy saving effect, the better the heater performance.

7. Consistency

The higher the consistency of each parameter (liter cooling performance, weight, etc.) of the same model heater, the better the performance of the heater.


Factors unrelated to heater performance

Glaze Light Brightness 

The first condition of ceramic infrared heater is heating, therefore, the higher the ceramic radiation rate, the better the performance, the glaze light brightness and radiation rate is independent, and, glaze is easy to melt at high temperature, therefore, is not the brighter the heater the better.