What items are detected when the electric heater element is shipped ?

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In order to let customers know more about the products and quality of our electric heating element, let me introduce to you the items that our electric heaters are to be tested at the factory:

1. Rated power deviation range:

Under sufficient heat conditions, the deviation of the rated power of the electric heaters shall not exceed the range specified below:

a, for the electric heating element rated power less than or equal to 100W electric heaters: ± 10%;

b. For the electric heating tube with the rated power of the electric heating tube greater than 100W: +5%~-10% or 10W, take the larger of the two.

2. Insulation withstands strength:

A 1200V/50HZ sinusoidal AC voltage is applied between the heating wire in the electric heaters and the metal casing for 1 min, and there should be no breakdown.

3. Insulation resistance:

Tested with a 500V megger in a normal test environment, the insulation resistance between the heating wire and the metal casing in the electric heating element should be not less than 25MΩ.

4.overload test

The electric heaters is energized for 1 hrs at 1.27 times of rated power under full heat release conditions, and is cooled down to 0.5 hrs to room temperature (allowing forced cooling), so that 30 cycles are repeated without damage.

5.electric heating tube shell sealing test (tube crack test)

Immerse the electric heating tube in acidified water (2%~3% hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid or nitric acid) for 3hrs. The two ends of the electric heaters should be exposed to at least 5mm, and the performance requirements of the second to third items should be met after the test.

6.sealing seal test

Place the electric heater in an environment with a temperature of 60 ° C and a humidity of 95% for 24 hrs. After placing it, it should meet the performance requirements of items 2 to 3.

7.electric heater life test

Under the condition of sufficient heat release, the electric heater is energized for 1 hrs at rated voltage, and cooled for 0.5 hrs to room temperature (allowing forced cooling), and the accumulated working time is 3000 hrs.

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