Portable Aluminum Gas Furnace


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Gas fired aluminium melting furnace 500kg  is used to melt aluminum scraps at a temperature of 850 degree celcius.


1) The furnace lining is of the once forming casting material, which has a good heat preservation effect and a fast temperature rising speed. The wall temperature rise is less than 40 degree celcius. 

2) The furnace adopts the Taiwan brand temperature controller. 
3) The furnace is equipped with one thermal couple protected by the silicon nitride outer pipe, and this thermal couple could directly measure the aluminum liquid.
4) The furnace adopts European brand graphite crucible, which has a good thermal conductivity, a long life, and no iron hyperplasia.
5) The furnace is equipped with liquid leak alarm, over-temperature alarm and other functions to ensure the safety of equipment and operation.
6) The furnace is equipped with the integrated or separation body type burner, which has a stable performance and proportional control, and saves energy consumption.